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The morning after I sprayed my lower legs with Off! Insect Repellant while standing on my Timbertech deck, we saw that the overspray had stained the deck.

I contacted the company and was told that the product probably reacted with the man-made materials in the deck. DID YOU KNOW YOU SHOULDN'T USE BUG SPRAY WHILE OUTSIDE STANDING ON A DECK??? The stain was impossible to remove with any cleaning product. Ended up having to refinish entire surface, which required removing all furniture and grill and days of work.

J.C. Johnson offered me a product coupon for my trouble! Really???

And then a whopping $20. Infuriating!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Vale, North Carolina, United States #844678

I had a similar experience! I sprayed my sons lower legs and mine with off spray,After a few seconds I noticed it had removed the design on my sandals and acted like acetone on my nail polish! I checked my sons shoe and the plastic was sticky to the touch!

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